We are planning to finish our basement this summer and before we start that process, I am determined to either throw away or donate items we no longer use. The move and a sump pump malfunction in our old home helped us partially declutter. There is still work to do done, as many of the boxes moved from our hold home are yet to be opened; a year and a half later. In my point of view, that makes the box a candidate for donation or trash.

I recently opened a box filled with old cookbooks and recipe tins. Upon investigation, I realized these were filled with family recipes from both of my grandmothers! Looking through the recipes brought back great memories of cooking with my grandmothers and always eating some sort of delicious dessert when playing cards. Over the next 52 weeks, I will bring life back into some of our old family recipes. Now, some of these recipes have ingredients that can no longer be found or should be used in moderation to maintain a healthy diet. I will do my best to recreate these recipes, with the same great taste, but modernizing for health and ingredient availability.

Week 1: Broccoli Bread

Broccoli Bread

Week 2: Praline Pecan Crunch

praline pecan crunch

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