Beaches Resorts Negril

Beaches Resorts Negril: A Luxury All-Inclusive Family Getaway

To start with, the Beaches Resorts brand is renowned for crafting unforgettable and enjoyable family vacations. While our usual travel destination has always been Europe, however, this time I shared with my husband, “I’d love to relax on the beach, sipping mojitos and enjoy family time together.” My husband embraced the idea and began exploring options. After several weeks of diligent research, we discovered Beaches Resorts, which stood out for several reasons.

What attracted us to Beaches Resorts Negril? Here are the key factors:

  • Kids Camp: Beaches Resorts Negril offers an exceptional Kids Camp, providing children with a perfect opportunity for children to have fun and learn in a safe and engaging environment.
  • All-Inclusive Features: The resort’s all-inclusive offerings ensure that every member of the family can enjoy an engaging and memorable vacation without worrying about additional expenses.
  • Prime Location: The resort is situated in a beautiful area of Jamacia, and we found it easy to access with direct and relatively short flights.

Furthermore, for a comprehensive review of our experience at Beaches Resorts Negril, we invite you to watch our YouTube video.

Kids Camp at Beaches Resorts Negril: A Parent’s Oasis

To start with, one of the main reasons we chose Beaches Resort Negril was the Kids Camp. Our daughter was just 9 months old during this trip, and while we wanted to spend quality family time together, we also needed some moments to relax by the pool.

Convenient Operating Hours: The Kids Camp operates from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, with a brief closure between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Next, upon arrival at the resort, you’ll find the Kids Camp area, where you can register your child. Registration includes basic information about your child, you, and authorized individuals for pick-up, along with a security phrase for pick-up.

Diverse Age-Appropriate Activities: In addition, Kids Camp caters to children of various age groups, from infants to teens. Each age group has dedicated caregivers. Infants and toddlers enjoy an air-conditioned play area equipped with cribs for naps and an array of toys. Notably, potty training is not required for this age group. Older kids engage in arts and crafts, dine with their caregivers, have fun in the children’s pool, and enjoy the XBox lounge.

Visit the Beaches, Negril website for more information on Kids Camp.

Our Kids Camp Schedule

The camp doesn’t provide meals for infants beyond the bottles you provide. During our week-long stay, we established a comfortable schedule that allowed us to enjoy our time. For instance, we had a regular schedule for most days and, on one evening, treated ourselves to a date night. As a result, these schedules provided us with the relaxation we needed while our daughter had a great time at Kids Camp.

Beaches Resorts Negril

All-Inclusive Bliss at Beaches Resorts Negril

Having experienced various all-inclusive resorts, we found Beaches Resorts Negril to be the epitome of true inclusivity. Upon our arrival, we noticed something remarkable – almost every staff member sported a “no tips” button. To clarify, we have identified items included in the package.

Included in Our All-Inclusive Package:

  • Airport Transportation
  • All Food and Beverages (Including Alcoholic Drinks)
  • In-Room Fridge Stocked with Beverages
  • Access to All Sesame Street Shows and Evening Entertainment
  • Nightly Live Music Throughout the Resort
  • Non-Motorized Water Sports
  • Glass-Bottom Boat Excursion
  • Kids Camp for the Young Ones

For a comprehensive breakdown of these all-inclusive aspects, you can refer to the Beaches Negril website. Beaches Negril website

Be prepared to tip off the resort

In addition, tipping is a part of the experience both before you arrive at Beaches Resorts Negril and after you leave. During your arrival and departure, you’ll encounter opportunities to provide tips. While some situations may warrant a tip in my review, others might feel like overkill. Nevertheless, it’s important to be prepared to tip either way.

Here’s a breakdown of when and whom to tip:

  • Arrival Airport Concierge Service: I strongly recommend that you secure your spot with Club Mobay for a smoother arrival experience.
  • Airport Lounge Wait Staff: You’ll find Beaches and Club Mobay lounges available while waiting for resort transportation. Tipping here is a kind gesture.
  • Airport Baggage Transport to Your Resort Bus: Those assisting with your luggage at the airport deserve a tip for their service.
  • Bus Driver: Remember to show your appreciation to the bus driver who ensures you reach the resort safely.


We chose Jamaica for its proximity and the availability of direct flights from our home location. Traveling with an infant brings its share of uncertainties, so reducing layovers and keeping flight duration under five hours was our preferred choice.

In summary, our vacation at Beaches Resorts Negril, Jamaica, was a delightful experience, and we eagerly anticipate exploring all the other Beaches Resorts in the future.

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