Beaches Resorts Negril: The Beaches Resorts chain knows how to make memorable and fun family vacations. Our typical go-to vacation has always been Europe, but this time I told my husband, “I would like to sit on the beach, drink mojitos and enjoy family time together.” My husband understood the assignment and started researching all options. After several weeks of research, we landed on the Beaches Resorts chain.

In addition to feedback from friends and online reviews, we selected Beaches Resorts Negril because:

  • Kids Camp
  • All-inclusive aspects
  • Location

For a more inclusive review of Beaches Resorts Negril, watch our YouTube video.

Kids Camp at Beaches Resorts Negril

Kids Camp was the main reason for selecting Beaches Resort Negril. Our daughter was 9 months old during this trip, and while I wanted our whole family to be together, I also wanted breaks to sit in the pool and relax. During our stay Kids Camp was open from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM with a short closure between 5:00-6:00 PM. Upon arrival at the Resort, locate the Kids Camp and register your child/children. The registration includes basic information about the child/children, you, and individuals approved to pick up your child/children, and a security phrase used upon pick-up.

Visit the Beaches, Negril website for more information on Kids Camp. f

Kids Camp includes various areas to support fun activities for infants through teens. There are separate areas for the various ages and dedicated nanny’s in each age area. The infants and toddlers stay in an air-conditioned play area, with cribs for naps and plenty of toys. Infants/toddlers do not need to be potty trained to attend Kids Camp. The older kids are seen doing arts and crafts, eating meals with nannies in the dining areas, playing in the children’s pool, and battling in the XBox lounge.

Our Kids Camp Schedule

The Kids Camp does not feed infants beyond the bottles you provide. Our daughter was at the age where she explores food and sits at a table with us for meals. We were at Beaches Resorts Negril for a full week and therefore had down a pretty nice schedule with Kids Camp. We had a standard schedule and then one night we decided to do a date night. These schedules allowed my husband and me time to relax and also allowed us to be active while our daughter napped in Kids Camp.

Beaches Resorts Negril

All-Inclusive amenities at Beaches Resorts Negril

We have been to several all-inclusive resorts and this was the only one that I feel was truly all-inclusive, once we got to the hotel. Almost every person working at the resort had a button that said “no tips”. The items included in our all-inclusive package at Beaches Resorts Negril were: airport transportation, all food and beverage (including alcoholic beverages), in-room fridge beverages, all Seasame Street Shows and other evening entertainment, live music playing nightly throughout the resort, non-motorized water sports, glass-bottom boat excursion, and kids camp.

Visit the Beaches Negril website for a full breakdown of the all-inclusive aspects.

Be prepared to tip off the resort

Before you get to Beaches Resorts Negril and after you leave, there will be many hands where tips provided. Some I feel warranted the tip and others, were overkill, either way, be prepared to tip. Upon arrival and departure, you will tip the following people:

  • Arrival Concierge Service: I highly recommend securing your spot with Club Mobay.
  • Airport Lounge wait staff: Beaches and Club Mobay lounges are available while waiting for resort transportation.
  • Airport baggage transport to your resort bus
  • Bus driver


We selected Jamaica due to the distance and available direct flights from our home location. Traveling with an infant creates many unknowns and by minimizing layovers and keeping flight duration under five hours was ideal.

If traveling with a baby gives you anxiety check out our Quick Tips on “Traveling with a Baby: Air Planes”. While we have not mastered or ever will, air travel with a baby, there are several tips that have worked for us.

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