Meyer Consulting Group LLC provides customized and innovative consultation in the areas of learning and development, management coaching, and parliamentarian services for small to medium-sized organizations.

Learning and Development

Within the learning and development scope, Meyer Consulting Group LLC provides four primary services to our clients.

  1. Needs Analysis:
    • Determining organization requirements from an overall learning and development program basis.
    • Identifying specific training is required to optimize workforce performance or minimize skill gaps across the organization.
  2. Learning Strategy:
    • Correlating the needs of the organization into recommendations including timelines, priority, process, staffing, and technology.
  3. Program Design:
    • Designing a program recommendation determined by the needs analysis.
  4. Instructional Design:
    • Designing and developing a program recommendation from the needs analysis. This process includes creating the conceptual design, working with subject matter experts to customize the content, content development, and finalized materials.
  5. Project Management:
    • Implementing a training course, conference or learning management system.

Parliamentarian Services

Parliamentarian services will be offered to start in the fall of 2022. The suite of services will include:

  • Review of organization bylaws based on Roberts Rules of Order
  • A meeting guide to confirm adherence to Roberts Rules of Order

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