Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Box

This year I wanted to create a homemade Valentine‚Äôs Day gift box for some of my family members. Now, it might be easier to send flowers but I feel something homemade just does something for the heart, for both you and the recipient. The gift box I created was filled with two homemade treats and a few traditional staples, candy conversation hearts and pink, white, and red M&Ms. Gift boxes are completely customizable, if you have someone trying to stay away from sweet treats, I’ve also included suggestions to mix-up the box contents.

Valentine’s Gift Box example:

Valentine’s Day M&M Cookie Recipe

Customizing Gift Boxes: Go beyond the Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Gift boxes are great for so many different holidays, or just because! I’ve included some gift box suggestions for a few holidays. The first place I typically shop for small little items to include in the gift box is the Dollar Tree. Plan and purchase early, the holiday sections sell out quickly! For the Valentine’s Day gift box I started shopping the last week of January and Valentine’s day was on the way out and St. Patrick’s Day was moving on in. In the comments, share what else you would include in your gift box!

  • St. Patrick’s Day: Include cut out shamrocks, small green top hat, a can of Guinness, small bottle of Jameson Whiskey, St. Patrick’s theme coaster set, shamrock cookies, green rice crispy treats, pretzels covered in white chocolate and sprinkles with green sprinkles.
  • Easter: Filled Easter Eggs, Easter theme coaster set, small plush bunny, photo frame and photo of the recipient celebrating a past Easter, bunny shaped cookies, Peeps, or Cadbury Eggs
  • Thanksgiving: Recipe cards for a traditional family thanksgiving dish with non-perishable contents included in the gift box. The following download included examples of recipes. Other items can include; fake leaves, pumpkin spice cookies, peanut brittle, apple cider, or spiced donuts.

There are so many other holiday’s where customized boxes would be appropriate: their birthday, Independence day, Christmas, bosses day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day

Compiling your Gift Box

  1. Pick our your box! Be mindful of the size, especially if you are shipping the box. I used this small box from Walmart. Online they come in groups of 18 or 25 but in store, you can buy single boxes.
  2. Fill your box! Take the recipient into account and customize for the holiday.
  3. Ship or deliver your gift box. Shipping on a ~12×8 box from Illinois to Florida is $13.50 with medium weight contents.

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